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Advanced Spectroscopy Lab, PC only

Advanced Spectroscopy Lab, PC only, U41450, Lab Stations
Advanced Spectroscopy Lab, PC only, U41450, Lab Stations

Advanced Spectroscopy Lab, PC only

$ 4,270.00

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Designed for conducting a wide selection of spectroscopy experiments, the Advanced Lab features the UCS30-1K Universal Computer Spectrometer for IBM compatible computers running Vista, Windows 2000 or XP. This external multichannel analyzer connects through a USB port and includes a computer controlled amplifier, high voltage supply, 1024 channel MCA, upper and lower level discriminators and multichannel scaling for half life and decay studies. The complete system includes a Na(Tl) scintillation detector with lead shield and multi-position sample stand, a set of 8 gamma emitting radioisotope sources including an "unknown," MCA software with ISOMATCH peak identification and a lab manual of experiments in spectroscopy.

  • Integrated Computer Spectrometer for PC with MCA software
  • Complete scintillation probe with SDA 38 detector, SDS 38 stand shield and cables
  • Set of eight gamma sources including "unknown"
  • Laboratory Experiment Manuals
Product Data
Item No. U41450
Weight 20 lb
Brand Spectrum Techniques
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